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National University of Singapore (NUS)

STEP partners NUS for the following programmes:

STEP ITE Sunburst Outreach Network

STEP sponsors  the 3 ITE Colleges to organize community outreach activities to:

  • put into practice the skills which they learn in the Colleges
  • have opportunities to interact with the elderly and disadvantaged and learn the values of caring and compassion

More than 1,800 students have  reached out to some 3,400 beneficiaries in Singapore in 2015. These beneficiaries have benefitted through basic retro-fitting of their rental flats to make it more elderly safe, attend activities of the 3 Colleges, provided festive goodies, attended reading classes conducted by the students, learnt the use of exercise machines to enhance their health and generally made to feel more wanted and part of mainstream society.

STEP ITE Sunburst Innovation Programme

This programme was launched in September 2014 to provide more than 100 ITE students opportunities to learn from industry experts on innovation concepts and plan projects to benefit Singapore society.


STEP has since 2008 co-sponsored students from Temasek Polytechnic on their Outreach Programmes to Laos and Vietnam. These youth are provided many opportunities to experience living and working in different cultures and systems, put into practices their English, learn to appreciate the differences in the lifestyles of other countries.


STEP, in 2013 extend similar support to Republic Polytechnic for their Outreach to Cambodia. Students co-sponsored by STEP spent two weeks helping dentists from Singapore provide basic treatment to village children, painting and repairing the school facilities, and reaching out and bonding with the school children.

Science Educators Programme

STEP, in partnership with the Science Centre Singapore, work to give opportunities to our youth with a passion for Science to sign up for training. On completion of their training, they are given opportunities to put their passion into action by helping out in the many varied programmes in Science Centre, and to share their passion and skills in their schools and the wider community.

Some 250 Secondary School students have benefitted from this programme since 2012.