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The Sunburst Internship Grant aims to provide Sunburst Alumni an opportunity to gain industry exposure in Asia and broadening their minds through exposure to the different culture.
This is a bond-free programme by STEP.


  • STEP Sunburst Alumni
  • Singaporean, age 30 and below
  • Current full-time enrolled students or recent graduates of Institute of Technical Education (ITE), Polytechnics and Universities
    • Diploma and Bachelor’s Degree students must complete at least 1 year and 2 years of studies respectively
    • Recent graduates who have just graduated from their final year / completed NS within the last 12 months and have not started working full-time
  • Has a keen interest to gain hands on experience in Asia
  • Have good academic results and a positive attitude


  • Student must have an internship offer in order to apply
    • Final award will be confirmed when approved work visa is obtained
  • Volunteer programmes are not eligible
  • Internship duties must be consistent to applicant’s level of education, related to his/her area of study and consistent with his/her post graduate career plans
  • Employment must be on full-time basis (30 – 40 hours per week) for min. of 2 months (8 weeks) and max. of 12 months (up to 52 weeks)
  • Employment must be within Asia and out of applicant’s home-country and country of study
  • Student should not be existing recipients of other sponsorship, scholarships or funding of similar nature, except MOE Tuition Grant
    • Allowed for students who receives one-time book prizes or awards which are based on academic performance; and are on tuition loan/ assistance schemes that require a repayment of loan after graduation
  • All form of financial assistance should be declared at point of application
  • If intended on taking an academic course in addition to internship, it must be noted on application
  • Good academic results with track records in CCA
  • Participation/ demonstrated ability/ contributions in leadership and entrepreneurial skills and community work

Funding Quantum

  • Two-way Economy class airfare and airport transfers – reimbursement up to S$2,500
  • Insurance and visa application – reimbursement up to S$1,500
  • Living and housing allowance
    • ASEAN – S$600 monthly
    • ASIA, excluding ASEAN – S$1,000 monthly
  • All reimbursements and allowances to be remitted into student’s S$ account

Application Procedures

  • Completed application form – to be filled up online and submit as below
  • Attachments to be attached online and submit
    • Transcripts / result slips
    • Resume – as per the copy sent to employer
    • Essay* – refer to guidelines below
    • Expense sheet – itemize food, housing and transportation, utilities expenses you will incur. It should be realistically conservative assessment of final needs associated for this experience
    • Letter of appointment by employer, with job title, description and remuneration stated
    • Letter of recommendation by lecturer / professor

*Essay Guidelines

This 2-page essay should provide more information to the review committee about how your internship impacts and connects to your future plans.

  • Describe the organization, roles and responsibilities you will have as an intern
  • Specifically explain your learning objectives, focusing on:
    • How the internship will help you develop knowledge and skills specific to your post-graduate plans
    • How this experience will help you to explore career pathways
    • How this will broaden your understanding of that industry or role
    • Particular skills you anticipate gaining. E.g. communication, teamwork, interpersonal skills etc
  • Provide details about how you will grow personally, professionally and / or intellectually, and your intention to contribute to a community

Application Deadline

12 weeks before commencement of internship.


  • Represent STEP by engaging in your internship at the highest level of performance, with monthly email correspondence on internship status / update
  • After completion of internship, submit a reflection report of 2 – 3 pages with min. 2 photos outlining:
    • How your internship is related to your curriculum
    • Its intrinsic value and the impact it will have on your future career plans
    • How valuable the funding was to the experience
  • Report submission
    • 2 to 5 months internship: 1 post-internship report
    • 6 to 11 months internship: 1 mid-term report (submitted after 3rd month) and 1 post-internship report
    • 12 months internship: 3 quarterly report (submitted after 3rd, 6th and 9th month) and 1 post-internship report
  • Provide future career updates upon request, to track the impact of programme

Grant Secretariat

The STEP Sunburst Internship Grant are administered by Trusted Services (A member of Temasek Management Services Group).

For enquiries, please contact

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