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EAGLES are STEP Alumni who having attended our programmes, and progressed in their education and career, return to Singapore to attend a 3.5 day Leadership Programme. Under EAGLES, our Alumni work with industry practitioners to enhance their leadership skills and share best practices. As the close of the programme, our young leaders spend half a day on a project to help the disadvantaged in Singapore.

EAGLES enable Alumni to:

Learning objectives

  • Enhance leadership capabilities in the context of today’s changing global business environment
  • Provide participants the opportunity to reflect on their leadership styles and effectiveness
  • Inculcate a sense of giving back to society through working on a country project as well as through a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) project in Singapore
  • Create a networking platform for across countries

The EAGLES framework to expose our participants to six fundamental skills of leadership.

EAGLES Highlights:

Giving Back to Society through Community Service

The CSR project is a platform for the Eagles participants to reach out to the community. The Sunburst Eagles 2015 participants volunteered in Willing Hearts Soup Kitchen and hosted a Christmas lunch for the residents and staff from THK Home for Disabled Adults @ Chai Chee.

Giving Back to Society through Country Projects

As part of the programme, the participants worked on a country project on how they planned to give back to their society in their home countries. Some of the plans shared by the participants include providing education in less developed villages, building community toilets and providing food assistance to needy families.

  • Brunei
  • Cambodia
  • Laos
  • Singapore

Some of the Eagles participants shared on what the programme meant to them:

“I think this is a very successful inaugural run of the Sunburst EAGLES and all of us have had an eventful 4 days, getting to know ourselves, getting reconnected with one another and to know new like minded EAGLES.

Special thanks for the opportunity to be here and by providing the platform for us EAGLES to come back together to dream of how we can give back to the society.”

Feng FuminSingapore, SYC 99

“No words can explain the feeling I had, especially when Kenny, my new friend from CSR made me feel so special, touched.”

Rolly CaidicPhilippines, SYC 02

“Thank you, STEP! You have done a very good job, and particularly for believing in us and give us the support to soar like an eagle.”

Bertram DominicIndonesia, SYC 99

“A memorable 4 days with 25 EAGLES from 9 countries”

Hayley PhamVietnam, SYC 99

“Sunburst EAGLES reminded me that I should actively work towards doing more, be it for the community or setting personal goals. It provided me with an encouraging environment to grow, both professionally and as a person. I was also very touched by the strong level of compassion shown by all participants to the less fortunate in Singapore.”

Julia KohSingapore, SYC 01

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