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Sunburst Brain Camp

The Sunburst Brain Camp is organized in partnership with the National University of Singapore (NUS). The primary focus of this programme is to provide youth with a passion for neuroscience and research with an in-depth knowledge of the many facets of the Brain and Brain related diseases. During this week-long programme, participants engage with foreign and local experts from our Universities, are challenged to research and present a topic on the Brain, indulge in small group experiments and participate in talks at NUS High and NUS Centre of Life Sciences, and are provided with rich reading materials through the Brain Book, written by the students under the mentorship of University Professors.

Camp Highlights: 

  • compilation of the Brain Book written (with the guidance of NUS professors) by students from NUS High School, Junior Colleges and Polytechnics
  • interactive lectures and engagement with Professors from overseas, NUS, NTU and Research Institutes on areas such as Parkinson Disease, Sleep Disorder and Mental Health
  • hands-on workshops and demonstrations on brain related topics
  • research on brain topics and presentations of research papers by all participants


The STEP-NUS Sunburst Brain Camp 2017 was held on 4th June to 10th June at the NUS Dept. of Physiology, Centre for Life Sciences.

Please click here to view Sunburst Brain Camp 2017 Highlights Video

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Research Papers

Please click here to view Sunburst Brain Camp Research Papers 2017

Some of the Brain Camp participants shared on what the programme meant to them:

“The camp has successfully aroused my interest in neurobiology”

Guan Zhao HanSBC’13, Singapore

“The camp has cemented my resolve to pursue my studies in the field of neuroscience.”

Mohamad Razaly Dani SBC’12, Malaysia

“Really like how everyone is so dedicated to the camp. The strong desire to promote scientific research was really great to see and I found that through this camp, I was able to appreciate and understand neuroscience much more. I was able to make many new friends and I think that the grouping idea was extremely good. I had a good time. Thank you”

Kahini Rajendra ShahSBC’13, India

“The neurobiology programme and lab tour was excellent. It was also amazing to watch and hear the different countries on their Research Paper presentation. We enjoyed the camp very much and many of us were inspired to learn more about the brain.”

Crisologo DawnSBC’12, Philippines