STEP Endowment

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The original STEP (Singapore Technologies Endowment Programme) was set up in 1997 and concluded its 20th year in 2017. STEP's programmes focus on social and cultural activities, leadership, environment and innovation, to help youth in Asia build bridges of friendship, goodwill, and understanding.

To continue the spirit and legacy of STEP nurtured over the past twenty years, Temasek Foundation International (TF Intl) was awarded a new endowment by Temasek. Aptly named ‘STEP’, this time as a word and not as an abbreviation, the new STEP endowment will continue to support previous iconic programmes such as the STEP Sunburst Camp, STEP Brain Camp etc.

Beyond that, the new STEP will sharpen its focus to support youth programmes. It is important for youths across different cultures and backgrounds to remain connected with each other so as to foster better understanding and empathy across different communities. Thus, the programmes will have an emphasis on mutual learning and understanding, exchange and sharing of experiences, and enhancing of social and cultural integration. Such programmes also provide youth with opportunities to come together as one community to connect and learn through common interests.

Some of the themes of the programmes include:

  1. Arts & Culture
  2. Leadership & Geopolitics
  3. Science, Technology and Innovation
  4. Sports & Adventure
  5. Sustainability & Environment